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Steps and fitness

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

There is a popular benchmark that 10000 steps per day is the goal for fitness. This is a good benchmark but I have a slightly different theory. I challenge you to average 3-4 days of normal activity and use this number to add steps to. What I'm suggesting is for fitness we need to intentionally add steps to our day. Say your a teacher, real estate agent, on the floor sales, construction worker, fill in the blank you get the "required" 10000 steps in just in ADL (activities of daily life). So to increase fitness start by adding 3000 steps from this average. This sounds trivial but my theory leads me to think if this is your normal ADL your not gaining any fitness your just maintaining. So to increase fitness add intentional walks, rucks(weighted march or walks). I'm not saying that if your normal ADL is 10000+steps that your not healthy or fit but to gain fitness these additional steps will be beneficial. So if your ADL does not get to the benchmark it's really important to add these steps. Walking is one of the most beneficial activities we can do. It's really easy to add step to our days. Example instead of parking at the closest available spot park at the farthest from the door. Another example take the stairs whenever available. Don't get your groceries delivered go to the store and pick them off the shelfs. Remember the sum of aggregates. So get up see the sunrise, work on so mobility/stretching and intentionally walk other than routine ADL.

Picture of my shoes in front of me

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