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Everyday Non-negotiable Morning Routine

How do you start everyday? We all have certain things we do every morning, right?

We all have patterns for good (and bad). Do you intentionally do some things with the belief you are increasing health span? Are you just on cruise control and repeat the same ritual each morning?

Now is the perfect time to be intentional with a morning action.

Coffee cup on counter with LMNT salt and apple cider vinegar
Morning routine

Here is one of my actions first thing in the morning.

In my coffee I add a sprinkle of LMNT chocolate salt to add electrolytes at the beginning of my day. While the coffee is brewing I take a shot of ACV with my 5ish mg of creatine and wash it down with a large glass of water. After adding the LMNT to the coffee I take the dogs downstairs for breakfast and my sunlight exposure, mobility work and learning (reading or listen to podcast). This routine has become a non-negotiable for me.

My challenge to anyone reading this post is to be intentional with a non-negotiable morning routine everyday.

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