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Nutrition planning- Diet

In nutrition, diet is the sum of food consumed by a person. Do not be mislead to always think diet means restriction. Most people use the word diet synonymously with a caloric deficit when the true meaning is as stated above (sum of food consumed by a person).

The reason I bring this up to persuade you to consider different diets in your pursuit of health. Don't fall into different "tribes" by thinking one plan is more valuable than another or provides a better out come. Finding out what works best for you is one big experiment that you have to proxy. Be true to nutrition planning and strive for adherence for a definite set of time and be self aware of how you feel. Almost ever diet has potential for health benefit as long as there is awareness to quality of food.

My simple advice is the least processed possible is more advantageous than worrying about what "plan" it falls under. Can you be successful with just awareness of what you are consuming and dial up the complexity as you procced to refine results.

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