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Burpees anywhere and every where

OK if you know me you know I love burpees. I try to do burpees everywhere I go. I've done them at every state line I come across (hoping to get all the states eventually), different countries and landmarks. Not sure when this started for me but I have been doing it since probably 2012ish. I have even challenged others (sometimes successfully) to preform them at different locations. Why? Well the burpee is a movement I enjoy to increase my fitness so I incorporate it anytime I can. Its just a fun way to move when I'm out of town and the family enjoys filming anytime I do them. So why post about it? I hope to everyone can find enjoyment in a simple task that requires movement. Does it have to be burpees? (maybe not) but find something and make it part of your enjoyment and experience. Just keep moving and increase your fitness!

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